Synovations is a nonprofit consultancy service

We were established as a Community Interest Company in 2009 to provide advice and support on organisational improvement exclusively to charities. We also provide expertise in selecting and implementing appropriate technologies to facilitate major improvement for charities in service delivery and internal administration.

Synovation’s mission is founded on two simple observations. First, the nonprofit sector lags significantly behind the commercial sector in its use of technology and access to consultancy/advice. Second, the effect of bridging that gap can have a transformational effect on enabling nonprofits to better deliver services. Cost is not the only issue. Consultancy and technology are not generally positioned in ways that are relevant & accessible to charities. Synovations is radically changing that. More.

Offering Support for Charities

There is no doubt that consultancy and software firms seldom position or price their offerings in a way that is appealing to nonprofits. Charities, particularly smaller ones, typically find themselves on the wrong side of the digital divide. Our vision is that budget should not be a barrier for even the smallest charity to avail of support. More.


I wholeheartedly recommend Synovations to any charity looking to move ahead

Janine Botfield
Women Onto Work

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Telephone (UK): (0131) 516 3297

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