Our Value Proposition


There is no doubt that consultancy and software firms seldom position or price their offerings in a way that is appealing to nonprofits.  Charities, particularly smaller ones, typically find themselves on the wrong side of the digital divide. This is ironic because the nature and variety of charity work, coupled with resource and budget limitations, mean that basic process innovation and information technologies can be transformational to the effectiveness of a charity.

Synovations is breaking that cycle based on four key elements.

Our team have many years experience in technology, business and management consultancy.  We have innovatively cherry-picked the most relevant approaches, tools, templates and technologies from that commercial world experience and packaged them in an appropriate way for  use with charities.

By working with hundreds of nonprofits, in several countries, we have refined and augmented the tools and approaches mentioned above.  This gives us unique capabilities that can only be built through extensive experience.  We have established templates that accelerate projects and reduce costs.  For example, we have worked with many counselling services, womens’ centres, drug rehab programs, disability services, volunteering centres, childcare services, training centres, youth centres etc.  We therefore have established operational templates for each, and have a good understanding of the challenges around planning/control, measuring outcomes, web integration, funder reporting etc.

Our vision is that budget should not be a barrier for even the smallest charity to avail of support.  Our affordability is based on two major factors.  Many technology providers – such as Microsoft, Salesforce and Symantec – offer their products on a donated or low cost basis to nonprofits.  The challenge is with the analysis and consultancy required to select and effectively implement.  That is where our unique model helps.  Synovations is a nonprofit organisation.  Our operating costs are minimal compared to conventional consulting firms.  Our team give of their time at much lower cost as they have typically made life choices after many years of commercial sector experience.  These factors, combined with the tools/templates mentioned above, mean that projects are typically delivered cheaper, quicker and easier than clients imagine possible.

Our whole approach empowers clients to independently manage any solutions we implement.  This results in little or no ongoing cost.  It also ensures that process and technology can together scale and adapt to changing organisational requirements.