Case Study - Women onto Work


Women onto Work is a Scottish charity that supports women who face barriers to work and helps them move towards fulfilling employment.

Many are lone parent mums, live with health problems, are struggling on low incomes, or lack qualifications or work experience. WOW provides a safe and motivating environment. Each client works with a personal coach to set goals and develop a tailored action plan. Each client is assisted with accessing the services, training and supports they need to achieve their goals, and to develop the skills, knowledge, confidence and experience they need to succeed.

WOW have seen a significant increase in demand for their services and have responded with a sizable increase in staff and by improving organisation effectiveness through process improvement and technology. 

Implementing a new Client Relationship Management solution based on Salesforce CRM has been a transformational experience for WOW. This was achieved in partnership with Synovations (, a social enterprise that specialises in supporting charities with organisational improvement and technology.

“Like many charities, we started small and came to rely on spreadsheets, word documents etc. to plan and record activities” reflects Janine Botfield, CEO of WOW.“Such approaches simply don’t scale and we quickly realised that we needed to step back and take a fresh look at our client engagement cycle, processes, staff management and the increasing demands of funders for more detailed reporting, analysis and measurement of outcomes”

An important first step was to thoroughly review organisational processes. As Janine explains, “Synovations have worked with so many charities that they knew exactly the approach needed.  Having run a very useful workshop looking at all aspects of our operation, they were able to recommend Salesforce and explain how they would tailor it to our requirements. The whole project was much faster and affordable than I would have imagined. We now have a very robust management information system. Applications from clients are received directly from our website into Salesforce. All aspects of our client engagements are planned, controlled and tracked easily using the system. Funder reports can be produced at the click of a mouse and I have management dashboards providing me with the key information I need on a continuous basis.  I wholeheartedly recommend Synovations to any charity looking to move ahead”