Salesforce Donations


Online System to Manage Membership, Donations, Events, Documents, Sales, etc. is an on-demand technology service. It enables over half a million customers to manage sales, support, marketing and partner information on-demand (on-line). This service takes away the need for servers, software licences, backup systems and support staff. Customers pay an annual licence for the complete service.

This innovative technology is donated to Nonprofit organisations through the Foundation as part of their 1% model of integrated philanthropy: a commitment to deliver 1% of time, 1% of equity and 1% of product to nonprofit and educational organisations.


Most Nonprofits / charities struggle with information management: membership, donors, clients, events, sales, contacts, documents and of course emails. This ‘on-demand’ model has an easy-to-use interface and functionality that make it as easy as possible to share and manage information. All you need is broadband and a browser. is used by 1500 charties worldwide including the Red Cross [US] and UN Food Programme. Scottish users include ProjectScotland, Women onto Work and Abused men in Scotland.  It is widely used in the UK by a wide variety of charities including counselling centres, drug treatment centres, womens’ centres etc. donates 10 full licences free of charge to a registered charity and offers additional licences at 80% discount. The value of the donation to a charity is over £12,000 pa.