Our Services

  • Process Improvement
  • Technology Advice/Selection
  • Solution Implementation

Process Improvement

Nonprofit organisations are typically involved in a variety of activities – fundraising, event management, advocacy, service delivery, staff management, training etc.  Communications with large numbers of contacts, prioritising clients, scheduling and controlling, finance management, reporting can all represent an increasing burden on already strained resources.

The need for smarter working has never been greater. We have a wealth of experience in driving improvement, reducing duplication, reducing risk and helping charities to become more efficient and effective. The starting point is focused workshops that step through all the key processes, identifying pain-points, data capture, paperwork, risks, outcomes, inefficiencies etc. From this we can draw up a report making clear recommendations.

Technology Advice/Selection

Core to our value proposition is the fabulous opportunity that that technology holds for most nonprofits. The issues mentioned above can often be alleviated with appropriate technology tools. The challenge is with analysing requirements, identifying the right tools, and understanding how they can be implemented. Having worked with over 100 charities, that is now a core competence for Synovations. Solutions must be robust, scalable and have a minimal ongoing cost.

Solution Implementation

Key success factors are the selection of appropriate solutions based on organisational goals and requirements, followed by a well managed implementation. This typically results in dramatic improvements in management efficiency and service delivery. The failures/overruns of IT projects are typically down to weaknesses in planning and project management rather than technology issues.

The Synovations team has a wealth of project management and implementation experience across large and small projects using a wide variety of software packages.

Our approaches are well established and proven with many charities. We are sensitive to the need to manage change, communication and training. A key measure of success is the empowerment of the client to manage any solution with little ongoing need for outside support. We are also sensitive to the importance of budget constraints and we seek to minimise cost at every stage.